Material handling plays an important role in manufacturing and logistics, Almost every item of physical commerce was transported on a conveyor or lift truck or other type of material handling equipment in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and retail stores. Material handling is integral to the design of most production systems since the efficient flow of material between the activities of a production system is heavily dependent on the arrangement (or layout) of the activities.

Flexible and reliable solutions to increase production efficiency and manufacturing processes.

Accumulation Table

Accumulation table is able to provide large storage capacity. The accumulator stores products to create mass buffering to accommodate other processes. This equipment is driven by two gearmotor which drive alternating lanes in opposite directions. It also uses straight running chain to avoid damage to the product. Falling products will be rejected at the turning ends. Number of lanes can vary from 3 to 9 lanes.

Alpine System

The alpine conveyor functions as an accumulation/buffer zone between machines. It can also be used as an in-process step, e.g. for cooling or drying, or simply to elevate and lower products.

Bi-Directional Accumulation Table

Bi-directional table is designed for continuous feed or accumulation of symmetrical bottle sizes. It is often used to allow packaging lines upstream to continue operation while a downstream machine is temporarily paused. For example, changing of label reels on the labeling machine. The tables can be built in various widths and lengths to fit the space and accumulation requirements of the application.