Composite Can Manufacturing

At paper stand, brown paper and silver paper are rolled to convert to core at the winder machine. Then, the tube roll down machine transports the rolls to the PACO machine where the paper rolls are cut to size. The cut cans then undergo other necessary processes. The equipments that MODU supply are Polycoad Conveyor, Uppender, Accumulator, C-Type Gripper and Can Cleaner.

Supplied by MODU:

Combined Polycord with Upender

It creates gap between cut to length can before it alters orientation at upender. It utilizes combine drive for driving single polycord and twin polycord conveyor with dissimilar speed ratios.

The purpose of Upender is to modify Can orientation from sleeping to standing position. It also comes with product diameter adjustment for diameters aprox 0 – 150mm. It is driven by two gear motors which are controlled by an inverter.

Combined Polycord with Upender.
Complete Accumulator for Composite Can ready for delivery.
Accumulator with product accumulation.
Gripper System

Gripper is utilized for moving the products up and down or to put things on a hold between the conveyers or at the finishing stage of the conveyer. Two sets of conveyers are attached in a gripper in order to transport products to higher or lower elevations while taking up minimal floor space. It holds the product in a firm but gentle manner before releasing it to another conveyor.

C-Flow Gripper System
Product at gripper infeed and outfeed
Simple Gripper Upender
Gripper Upender
Can Cleaner

One of the applications is MODU Composite Can Cleaner. The main activity of a MODU Composite Can Cleaner is to blow air into a paper can, eliminate dust inside the composite can. It could be attach with fault detector sensor and reject system.

Stainless Steel Rod is use to maintain orientation.
Product is transported to another machine while being dust blowing.
Completed composite can cleaner ready for delivery.

Project Photos