Tea Bag Handling

MODU System provides competent tea bag handling solutions with flexible production flows and high throughput. Our conveyor systems are designed to integrate with both new and existing production equipment. Systems which are available to fulfill factory and operator requirement can easily be linked using suitable elements and conveyors from our modular range.

Product Offered

Conveyor System

MODU System habits standard profile conveyor system. The plain chain conveyor is used to carry empty or filled tea bag boxes from one phase to another. Friction chain conveyer is utilized wherever inclination is involved.

Special Devices

MODU System personalized design of devices augments the process flow of tea bag handling. Our specifically planned devices contain empty boxes batch forming, gravity chute to suit variety of filled tea bag boxes, diverters and traffic controllers to smoothen the merger of filled boxes to main line from filling machines.

Complete Electrical & Pneumatic Control System

MODU System delivers a complete Electrical & Pneumatic Control System that is vital to control the empty and filled tea bag boxes to ensure their flawless movement between processes. Our range of supply comprises of pneumatics control and an integrated control panel with touch screen interface which places control of entire system on your fingertips.

Project Photos